Feb 11, 2024

so hiiiii guyyyssssss!... ummmm i have definitely neglected this site a bit. uh i do have one thing to say, im planning on renaming the site to something cooler like blackcathedral or something. also im changing the site up itself because im not hyperfixated on slipknot anymore lol! i still listen to them sometimes but not often because i burned them the fuck out when i was hyperfixated. anyways yeah this site is gonna look and feel different sometime in the future. also im graduating from high school a few months from now yay me! idk what im doing afterwords though maybe trade school

July 2

a lot has happened this past month, i had to go to summer school for two classes and i passed them both. my moms side of the family is buying stuff for the family reunion, the theme is going to be mainly orange and white with some gold in there. ive also started going by the name wes, along with joey and quinn. i also ordered from doordash for the first time... they brung my order to the wrong person. we found out which door it was, but the person in there already got my food ^^; but i didn't give up with doordash just yet, i actually had a successful order after that incident! thanks cameron! (ik ur not reading this but i just want to give credit yk) i went to a picnic for the first time with my sister, we sat on the ground with a blanket and had subs together! a squirrel and some ducks came near us while we were eating too. unfortunately my sister kept getting ants on her and we had to leave early since it was SUPER hot outside..

May 29

hi! i havent updated in a while, even longer this time. i missed the entire month of april... anyways, happy birthday to me! i turned 17 last monday on the 22nd. im going to be an adult soon and to be honest? i dont really feel 17, neither did i feel 16. i still feel like a 15 year old. which sucks, since im going to be an adult soon ofc. i started back playing skullgirls mobile and 2nd encore. i never actually got good at 2nd encore since its: one, my first fighting game. 2, combos are hard to remember. and 3, z-patterns kill me trying to input. im getting better though! robo-fortune and valentine are pretty simple and easy for me to learn. and ive been playing a lot of sg mobile lately, i recently got in the top 10% for the silver no pain no gain prize fight. ive never gotten in the top 10% for a prize fight before so this is pretty huge for me! i also finally evolved my scared stiff squigly and decrypted eliza to silver.

Mar 27

i havent updated in a while! lol epic fail.. uhhhh so my spring break went pretty well! i didnt do much other than do my VERY first commission (i got 455 robux from it yayyyy) and find a new dnb mix on youtube that im obsessed with called "in strange care" mixed by jackal queenston. oh i almsot forgot i beat a-1000 in doors... kind of. i made it to a-236 and there was an exit and i was under too much pressure to continue my run so i left. i also got to crucifix an entity for the first time afterwards!! i took a screenshot i might add it here later

Mar 3

guess what game i finally got to play for the first time after what was basically an entire year of hearing nothing but praise for it... DOORS. i dont know why but i never wanted to give this game a try until now. maybe its because its always on the front page and i hate front page games? anyways, im obsessed. i currently have 6 collective hours in this game and the week isnt even over yet. DOORS is a game on roblox where you journey through a seemingly endless hotel looking for coins, keys, light sources, bandaids, and anything else to help you through the long adventure whilst avoiding multiple unique entities. sometimes you get chased, and sometimes you have to look for a secret code in a couple of books whilst hiding from a monster in a library. one of my favorites out of these entities has to be AMBUSH, a white faced silly that glows green and ambushes you by hauling absolute ass towards your room and flies back and forth through it. making you have to repeatedly leave and re-enter whatever closet you're in, or else HIDE will clobber you. anyways this game is actually really fun and i highly recommend it, even if youve never touched roblox in your life. the game definitely has an art style to it and its mechanics are so unique it doesnt even feel like a roblox game. not to mention that the game is in first person the entire time so its not like youre gonna have a roblox character on your screen 24/7.

another thing i wanna talk about is splatoons fresh season. i actually havent played much of it, i only got to experience super chump fr and its a little... underwhelming. like wow this thing could REALLY use a buff. its explosion time is way too slow to do anything to the enemy team other than paint the ground. i could see this only being useful in modes like splat zones and turf war. MAYYBE even clam blitz..
and from what ive heard about kraken is that its kind of nutty on tower control.

Feb 27

february 27th, the last day before splatoon 3's fresh season drops. im mostly excited for new clothes and general store items. im happy we're getting a new and cute special (that shouldve replaced tenta missiles) that creates fake super jump spots in a designated area and explodes after a short period of time. and were getting another returning splatoon 1 special... the fucking kraken.

now if you played splatoon 1 you'd know how powerful this thing was. (un)thankfully, its been nerfed a bit. swim speed has slowed down and now it takes two jumps to kill instead of one. but from what ive heard, you can do a squid surge to perform a one shot kill, which i think would be a bit difficult with two or three people shooting at you, but they might actually just run away and hide because of the sheer SIZE this thing is now. it looks like its almost two times as large as it was in the wii u version!

theres just one thing thats got me a little dissapointed in this ... where the hell is the new music? yes, they added a jukebox where you can play every turf war song thats been in this series, but this is the second major update this game has gotten and we havent got a new band or two yet? there are people who are literally sick of hearing the same two songs from the same three bands. cmon, nintendo give us a new band! something weve never heard before, maybe something like POLYSICS or Wienners... also the splatband fans. think about them. how do you think they feel compared to us normal people.

Feb 19

alright so first entry here... wahoo!! i dont know what to put here... i literally only woke up like two hours ago and have been listening to slipknot and working on this page lmao. i guess i can talk abt what i did yesterday.
yesterday my brother and i packed our bags and left with my dad to stay over at his house for the weekend. we usually do this every two weeks so its nothing special, just spending time with my dad. i wanted to go alone but my brother insisted and it feels wrong to keep him from seeing his dad, so i let him. i also drew someones ingame octoling.